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Топик: Cars

Топик: Cars

Nowadays cars have become a basic necessity for everyone .There are many people who are obsessed with cars. There is no doubt that it is difficult to live without cars in the 21 century.

I agree that cars are needed by people. There are various facts that support this opinion. First of all, it is fast! You can drive long distances in a short period of time. Secondly, it is comfortable, because you do not need to carry heavy things! You can put everything in the car. Finally, it is fashionable and modern! People spend large sums of money on cars in order to have status and privacy.

However, people argue that it is necessary to reduce the number of machines. Firstly, cars pollute the environment but people often make clean water and air, and they plant trees which is a positive effect on the nature and people health. Moreover, fuel is expensive another but the plants produce new cars that consume very little fuel. In addition (в дополнение) driving a car requires (требует) driving license what wastes time. There are courses are held in a convenient time.

To sum up I think that people can not live without cars. In the future, every man will have his own car.

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